October favourites

For the first of my monthly features I want to do a monthly favourites post. This is part blogger/vlogger standard fare – what products, books, music etc. did I most enjoy this month – and part gratitude practice, so hopefully there’s a nice mixture of tangible and intangible things to enjoy.

October was not what I would call a spendthrift month, in that there was considerably more spending than thrift. I had spent the previous two months culling a large number of our possessions, hoping to have a more intentional relationship with my belongings, then promptly fell for the allure of the Halloween season and came out the other side looking like I’d rolled around in Wendy Beauchamp’s closet.

Guilt aside, I really love the things I chose to bring into my life this month. They jive with who I feel I am at my best. I could (and likely will at some point) go on about the real and positive influence that the prevalence of ‘girl power’ and strong female characters in the media in the 90s and early 2000s had on people my age, but something about the circa-millennial TV witch aesthetic makes me feel really, uncomplicatedly good about myself. So, without further ado, here are some of my October favourites:

Tiny witch hat pendant from Girl Burke Studios on Etsy.


This tiny silver witch hat necklace is so sweet! It has lovely details: the inside is hollow so it looks like a real hat, there are stars engraved on the crown and the brim has a slightly rumpled look to it, which is amazing for such a tiny pendant. I’ve actually switched the chain out for a 30″ one so it hangs lower than any of my other necklaces for layering and it hits me around the solar plexus. I got it for Halloween in lieu of a full size witch hat, but I’ll definitely wear it year round!

Soy wax melt in pumpkin spice from White Witch Box (and wax burner from Etsy).


I subscribed to the White Witch Box in September, just in time for my first box to be the Samhain/October box. It arrived full of lovely treats, including a protection spell, an obsidian chip bracelet (which I’ve been wearing most days since it arrived) and some incense. But one of my favourites is this soy wax melt. It smells of autumn and has lasted for a few hours so far, even when I broke the original disk in half. I didn’t have a wax burner so I bought this cute one from Etsy that casts little stars and a sun onto nearby surfaces.

Bonfire scented candle by Sand + Fog.

I am really enjoying this candle! It comes in a velvety black glass holder with a copper lid and on the side it reads ‘Traditionally crafted – Tastefully fragrant’. That’s a pretty apt description. I sniffed a LOT of candles on this particular shopping trip and the majority smacked you on the nose with scent. I tend to live in fear of scented candles that when lit seem to replace all the oxygen in the room with lily of the valley, but this is not one of them. The scent is unmistakably smoky; all of the delightful smells of a bonfire without any of the eye-stinging, throat-searing, stay-in-your-hair-for-days traits. I smell it less when it’s burning than when it’s not, strangely, but that’s no bad thing. Near the candle you just get the subtle smell of wood smoke without it taking over the room, with another hit of scent when you blow the candle out. I’ve been burning it every evening and I’ll definitely seek out other scents by this brand.

Sidgwick Avenue filled with autumn leaves.

In the first week of October I found myself cycling down Sidgwick Avenue in the sunshine, feeling positive. The golden and orange leaves were drifting down and collecting on the sidewalks and new arrivals to Cambridge were exploring the colleges and faculties. It was a glorious day and it made me feel so lucky to live in Cambridge.


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